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The modular YOUMO power system gives you a whole new kind of personal power. Choose from a range of different modules, each with different power functions, and create the power system you want. Start with a power module and power base cord set and add on more modules to build a power system that grows and adapts to your lifestyle.

How is our power system different?

smarter solutions

Flexible Smart Solutions

  • Adaptable power base modules that support one-to-five plug sockets and USB ports

  • Discover smart home capabilities for seamless convenience and greater energy efficiency

  • Choose from an ever-growing range of modules to meet the different power needs of all your devices

more control

More Control

  • Use only the modules, cords and cables you need and skip the extra clutter

  • Color code your cords to never loose track of them again

  • Multi-power simplicity that adjusts to function anywhere in your home or office

stylish options

Stylish Options

  • A modern sleek design that compliments any space

  • Detachable cords and cables are available in both different lengths and a variety of colors

Modular Technology

  • The smart module gives you all the connectivity you want by connecting to your mobile device or your smart home center via Wifi or Bluetooth. Gain full control over any of your devices by plugging your device into a power outlet module that is then connected to the smart module. The App features allow you to control and meter the power of all your home electronics.
  • Get USB ports in two different modules! We give you up to four USB ports so you can charge multiple devices all at once.
  • Why not just avoid all those cables completely?! Just place your mobile phone, tablet or camera on our universal docking module for quick and easy wireless charging.
  • Avoid Wifi breakups and weak reception. Simply use the powerLAN module to access full-reception hotspots or high-speed ethernet connections in every room.
  • The speaker module connects via Bluetooth to let you enjoy better quality sound whether listening to music on your smartphone or watching a movie on your tablet.
  • Use the light module as a night light to help guide you through a dark room in the middle of the night or to find the plugs under a dark desk.
  • Have a great idea for another power function? Use this module to make it happen! Whether you´re an individual, a rising startup or an established company: our open source approach lets you easily integrate your own plans into the YOUMO power system. Just get in touch and we can talk about your ideas!

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Follow the YOUMO power system journey and find out when it is available to purchase.

Meet the Team

Devices all around us keep getting smarter and more beautiful by the minute. Of course, all these devices still need to be powered and, in many cases, power plugs and strips have not changed much in the last 30 years. In addition, every household, every lifestyle and every individual has its own needs and preferences when it comes to power distribution. That´s why our award-winning team from Casitoo Design set out to create a solution that brings the power strip into the 21st century. Munich-based co-founders Carsten Fichtel and Tobias Förtsch have been creating clever design solutions for everyday needs since 2011. Their partner and friend, Cornelius Schneider, joins them from Berlin bringing his own expertise in technology and material science. Together, the three looked to the Danish gods of modularization and the functionality of LEGO® building blocks to create a modularized standard power strip.

Dipl.-Des (FH) Tobias FörtschProduct Design - Visualization - 3D Modeling

Dipl.-Des (FH) Tobias Förtsch

Product Design - Visualization - 3D Modeling

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Fichtel

Technical development - 3D Modeling - Engineer

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten FichtelTechnical development - 3D Modeling - Engineer
Dipl.-Ing. Cornelius SchneiderMaterial Science - Technical Development

Dipl.-Ing. Cornelius Schneider

Material Science - Technical Development

Be part of the community

We want to give you a power system that will forever meet your individual energy demands. That’s why in addition to listening to your valuable feedback, we want to offer an open source platform for everyone to join. We are looking to partner with other developers and companies to develop an even bigger range of power modules. The result will be a truly original modular power system. Get in touch and let us know your questions, ideas or suggestions!

Thank you for your support!

* We promise not to share your information with anyone outside the Casitoo Team. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help better improve Casitoo Powerstrip’s features.

Thank you for your support!

* We promise not to share your information with anyone outside the Casitoo Team. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help better improve Casitoo Powerstrip’s features.